Important Papers Required for Florida Food Stamps

 At some point, after your initial application on My Access, you will be asked to supply important paper work.   Below you will find a list of commonly used forms and a brief detail of each.  This will help you gather all required information for you case determination.


Proof of Child Support IncomeBest served if you go to Florida Child Support Enforcement. Most case managers will require you visit your local Florida Child Support Enforcement Agency to have the official determination faxed to them.  They will gladly do this for free once you talk to an officer.  If you get to your facility when they open, lines are less and you can be in and out quickly.


Verification of Employment /Loss of IncomeThis form enables you to show proof of income if you have no paychecks available.


Financial Information Release:  This form authorizes permission for any bank, building association, employer, insurance company, Real Estate Company, government agency or financial institution of any kind or character, to disclose information to DCF. 


Income Verification Request:  The form is sent to any agency that is providing you income.  It authorizes the agency such as AWI to release information pertaining to the amount of income you receive.

You can FAX these on Florida Food Stamps handy dandy FAX sheet with the FAX number provided in your Notice of Case Action letter.  Other forms you may be required to fill out can be found on the DCF website.



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