Allow Your Voice to Be Heard

Dear Reader,

Please note that this blog was set up for you!  Feel free to comment, and add your story to this blog.  Sometimes it just helps to write things down when you are going through an awful situation.  I wanted to allow traffic here so that fellow bloggers feel comfortable to add your own story and help others.

My trek with Florida Food Stamps Complaints was not an easy one.  In fact, to date, I receive only $100 a month for 3 members in my household.  This is after extensive research and provided information.  I am on Unemployment, now part of the dislocated workers of America, and struggle daily to make ends meet. 

My children were approved for Medicaid, but I only made “Shared Cost”.  I will provide more information on this in upcoming blogs.  Furthermore, I will add information as rules and regulations change in DCF.  Check back often, and find the most up-to-date information on the Internet.

In the meantime, COMMENT!  I will add you to our list.


4 responses to “Allow Your Voice to Be Heard

  • Ronna

    Thank you for your response. I guess I will have to look into other options.I am on Disability and they are considering my survivor benefit SSI and it pushing me out of the running. I will have to check with the local food banks and see what I can do. Social Security said it is up to the state.My reality is that my Expenses for surviving, are out weighing my income. I am trying to cut back as much as possible. Next would be the internet, and since I have to find a job to work from home,I need it! I am so glad I found your site.
    Thank you again.

    • bourbourstamps

      I’m glad there are so many people out there that can read this. I know how frustrating it is to be in this predicament. I am still out of work and trying to set up something from home. This economy is awful. I keep cutting and cutting and I am at the bare bone now. It is tough. Yes, I had thought of that reality when you wrote me. I’m not sure how much your expenses are as I know the income brackets for Food Stamps, but that is the unfortunate part that sometimes the rent or mortgage far outweighs what they will give you. On the other hand, there is a good allowance for mortgages on the food stamp plan and rent. I wish I could do more for everyone besides a complaint board. There are so many people out there that are battling this recession. Good professional people that can’t make ends meet. I was once an administrator and my school closed. Who would have thought we’d be like this at this time in our lives?

  • sunshinelady

    I am a widow living in Florida on my own. I am on Disability and receive Survivor Benefit. I applied for food stamps and got them in 2011. I reapplied in Nov.2011 and my benefits were cut. Then they raised it to $78month for Jan.2012. Then I got a letter stating that it was to be cut to $16 in Feb. I questioned them and they said I was getting SSI. I was confused and they said that because my husband died and I receive a survivor benefit,that is considered SSI, so this is all I am entitled to. What can I do, I can not afford to buy food! This is a nightmare!Can I fight this, or do I have to accept that I can not get help in this state, and go to the food banks? Anyone run into this?

    • bourbourstamps

      Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t had much to share on the Food Stamps end, so I am late checking in on this site. Unfortunately, my mother ran into the same thing. She has only one SSI income and they gave her $48 a month. She was astonished after all her work, they only allotted so little. Food Stamps relies on one thing, total household income. You didn’t state how much that was. The criteria also enables you to list those that are living with you which would enable you to more food stamps. You are solo, so that income must be lower than possibly your expectations. Since you mentioned they kept cutting you, and changing your benefits I would try again. There is no harm in that, you can’t be penalized. I don’t remember a change in the system in February, as there was one around October. I know how you feel, I have two children and because I receive Unemployment and have a measly child support of $270 a month, I only receive $100. Try feeding two teenage boys on that. It is ridiculous. You pay into the system and can’t reap anything when you need it. Yet, I know personally of individuals who will work NO MORE than 10 hours a week for fear their benefits will be cut. No sense in putting in the extra work time if they are going to cut their food stamps they say. And, yes, that is how they live. It is a sad true fact. But, if you qualified online, I would do a household income update. This will make them relook at your file. Then they have to call you again and you speak to them personally asking why they cut you in February. Make sure all your utilities claimed are correct too along with your mortgage. These are important facts that may raise your food stamps.

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