Florida Medicaid Specialty/Primary Providers

Well, you’ve made it!  You’ve been approved for Florida Medicaid!  Finally, congratulations are in order! It has taken from 30 – 45 days, but you’re in!  What a breath of relief especially if you have children.  Now, you can at least receive the medical care you and your family needs.  Steps are simple and all you have to do is follow your DCF letter to choose your health care provider.  Do take time and get on the website they offer to see ALL of the opportunities on each plan.  Dental is separate on MOST polices, so do be sure you pick a center that is close and convenient for your family.  Then check out your primary care provider that you’re interested in using BEFORE you make your Medicaid decision!  This will ensure you have both options covered.

But, should serious issues arise that your primary care provider is unable to attend, you may be unaware of specialty providers.  You can locate ALL of the specialty providers including: primary care providers, dental, hearing, and vision on the Florida Medicaid webpage.  This page is such a resource and should be bookmarked for future reference.  Most importantly, it changes every six weeks, so check back often for provider changes.


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