Completing Your Eligibility Review – Recertifying for Food Stamps

Good news!  After hearing of many people not receiving their rectification on time, I decided to apply more than month before it was due!  And, my diligence paid off!  I went online to My Access to check if I was able to complete my review earlier, and sure enough, when I logged in it said Complete Eligibility Review.  I had received no letter yet from DCF, yet my online application was available early!  I was due again by the end of March, and I completed my review the third week of February.

That following week I did receive the review letter, but I was ahead of the game!  With so many people out of work, and the Food Stamp Agency backed up, I thought it best to give them more than 30 days.  I’ve heard it has taken as long as 45 days for some individuals when they reapply.

Well, this morning I checked the My Access site, and I’ve been approved already – benefits uninterrupted!  I can’t tell you the sense of peace and well-being I felt clicking on my determination!  One less stressor as I pave that job road again this week!  Keep your chin up, better days are coming.  It goes to say, do things early and save yourself a bit of stress!


2 responses to “Completing Your Eligibility Review – Recertifying for Food Stamps

  • Sandra

    yes I have entered items and corrected items only to have them ignored so Congratulations on this end are given. However In my case they multiply my $250.00 in unemployment insurance every week and come up with an amount in the couple thousands and say that I can get $16.00 every two weeks in food stamps. My initial amount was $50.00 every 2 weeks but really what am I supposed to do with $16.00? I might say its better than nothing but I’m saying its nothing. Hope your experience is better than mine. Where are the Feds? Aren’t they supposed to monitor these programs?

    • bourbourstamps

      There isn’t much help of monitoring these programs. I know that personally as I had great difficulties getting started. Hence, the blog. But, I still recommend that you go to an office and speak to someone directly. I, too, get unemployement and receive little. But, they don’t multiply my amounts. It just doesn’t make sense.

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