Finding Work on Employ Florida

Just wanted to share a thought.  If you haven’t been accustomed to Employ Florida, do so.  If you peruse the site, you can set up a “Virtual Recruiter” that will send automatic emails for your job description right to your email.  It searches the site for you.  Almost EVERY employer advertises on Employ Florida.  That accounts for ANY TYPE of work available in Florida.  It will be your one stop for all employment postings.  There is so much available on this site.  It is free to sign up, and will take that added stress of job search out of the picture.


2 responses to “Finding Work on Employ Florida

  • Sandy

    I really never got much from this site. I did use it and the two I actually found and applied to were not real jobs. In one they would set you up as an independent contractor (at your cost) which is really not working for them, and since I knew the Health Dept performed these inspections I questioned how much actual demand there was for them. I never got a call back despite having a history of doing these inspections. I went the extra mile and hunted down the owner of the company and called his cell phone. “Oh, we have so many people going through this job, but yes I do recall seeing your resume’, send it to me again”. Again no call back. The other one was listed as filled, I called anyway on it, two months later, its still on the site (?) think someone must get paid by the leads they put in there. Two ‘jobs’ and both were false leads. I use Indeed,com and have had several interviews generated by my applications, the jobs there are good ones.

    • bourbourstamps

      Indeed is a great site too! Thanks for your input. Employ Florida does advertise that you must be careful when applying for jobs on the site. I only apply for jobs that are local on this site. I have noticed that there are a few scammers too. I appreciate at your comments.

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