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Completing Your Eligibility Review – Recertifying for Food Stamps

Good news!  After hearing of many people not receiving their rectification on time, I decided to apply more than month before it was due!  And, my diligence paid off!  I went online to My Access to check if I was able to complete my review earlier, and sure enough, when I logged in it said Complete Eligibility Review.  I had received no letter yet from DCF, yet my online application was available early!  I was due again by the end of March, and I completed my review the third week of February.

That following week I did receive the review letter, but I was ahead of the game!  With so many people out of work, and the Food Stamp Agency backed up, I thought it best to give them more than 30 days.  I’ve heard it has taken as long as 45 days for some individuals when they reapply.

Well, this morning I checked the My Access site, and I’ve been approved already – benefits uninterrupted!  I can’t tell you the sense of peace and well-being I felt clicking on my determination!  One less stressor as I pave that job road again this week!  Keep your chin up, better days are coming.  It goes to say, do things early and save yourself a bit of stress!